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Matthias Academy

Matthias Academy

Matthias Academy is a Day Program for adults with disabilities coming to Southeastern Wisconsin.
Matthias Academy will provide a Community College like program for adults with mild to profound special needs, medical needs and behavioral needs to learn and work. Classes will be offered in several areas of study, all tailored to individual learning levels. Adults will have the opportunity to work within the community of Matthias Academy. We will highly encourage the involvement of the surrounding community to come onto our campus to shop and visit.

Matthias Academy,

In December 2017 we were asked the question.. "What happens when Erin ages out of school in 4 years?" At the time the only answer we had was that she would stay home with us until we could no longer care for her at home. However, being home with us really means a lot more: one of us would have to retire, little exposure to people her own age, few social activities, little community engagements outside of doctors appointments and just us for company. 

We know resources are very limited, especially for an individual like Erin who is completely reliant on someone else for her care. With this undertaking, you have given us so much hope for her future. Not only will she be able to continue to learn and grow; she will have a purpose. We see how much she loves school and being in that active environment and how important it is to her. 

Being able to dream with you has allowed us to think "beyond school" for Erin and this possibility is a game changer for our entire family. You will continue to open doors for her and others like her. We are here for you as you continue on this journey, all you need to do is ask. 

So very Grateful!

Kelli, Lyle and Erin Werth

Please help us BUILD OUR FUTURE at Matthias Academy!

Matthias Academy Corporation is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization
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