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Welcome to Daniel's Page

Daniel Alfano

Daniel Alfano

The time has come, or will be here shortly. Daniel is aging out of the school system that he so loves. He wants to go to college, but unfortunately his physical limitations really inhibit where he can go. He has suggested St. Joe’s and Bradford. I explained to him that he is past that age. So, then he asked if he could go to Gateway. There are not any “schools” in our area that would cater to a young adult with Daniel’s disabilities. Recently I have found out about the Matthias Academy, a new facility that will be a job and educationally based day program serving individuals with disabilities over the age of 18. They will have classes and job opportunities in their garden center, thrift store, bakery and more. In the future, they also plan to offer full-time living arrangements. This would be an amazing school where he could thrive and know that there is no “end” date. Those who know Daniel know that he loves to learn, participate, and interact with his peers.

We are currently taking part in a fundraising stage which if we meet the $4,000 goal by December 31st, Daniel will be put on a priority list (Eagle status) allowing him to be granted priority admission. We have every intent to financially participate in this program. However, in the interest in raising community awareness for Matthias Academy, they require that each new person raise funds and grow community support. Eagle status is open until December 31, 2019.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts in helping Daniel's quest for fundraising for this amazing opportunity!

Matthias Academy is an adult day program coming soon to Southeast Wisconsin. Matthias Academy will serve adults with moderate to severe disabilities, intellectual disabilities, medical needs, behavioral needs and varying degrees of autism. Matthias Academy will offer opportunities, classes and experiences while bringing the surrounding community onto the campus. Your help in this building campaign is so appreciated!

Matthias Academy is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization


raised of $4,000 goal

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Good luck at your new school!
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Go Daniel!
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What an amazing opportunity for you Daniel!